Princess Anna of Arendelle is the main protagonist in Disney’s Academy Award-winning 2013 animated feature film Frozen. She is the younger sister of the powerful Snow Queen Elsa and embarks on a perilous journey to save her kingdom from an eternal winter. She is voiced by Kristen Bell. She will join the Disney Princess line-up, along with her sister, making her the 12th Disney Princess. Anna is loosely based on Gerda from The Snow Queen, a fairy tale created by Hans Christian Andersen.
About the Model:
Height: 97cm
Width: 31.9cm
Depth: 39.6cm
Difficulty: 5/10
Number of Pages: 41
Number of Parts: 157
Download A4 ONLY
Build order:  Start with the pigtails, build the hair, face, eyelashes, bangs, neck, arms, torso, skirt, snow, branches and droplets, tree, and finish by closing the tree at the bottom.

Note: The model is large, so be sure to use thick paper whilst building. Also be careful with the connection between the snow and the tree, it can get a bit unstable.