Avast ye maties! Every pirate needs a treasure chest, and you’re no exception. This easy-to-make chest is the perfect place to store your riches — just don’t forget where you hide it!

Download the template here:
[gview file=”http://disneymoments.club/wp-content/uploads/2016/09/jake-never-land-pirates-treasure-chest-papercraft-printables-0312.pdf”]


  1. Though paper will do, for a sturdier project print the treasure chest and gold doubloons on cardstock.
  2. Cut out all the parts, including the center of the chest lid, the four slits along the four tabs (where indicated) and along the light yellow lines on either side of the lock. Do not cut off the lock completely; be sure to stop at the end of the light yellow lines.
  3. Starting with the chest, glue all four tabs to the inside of the adjacent sides.
  4. To create the lid, make all folds along the solid lines away from you to crease all the lines. Now go back and fold the third line down from the top of each lid side toward you (where indicated).
  5. Glue all tabs labeled A to the back of the adjacent side of the lid.
  6. Glue all tabs labeled B to the back of the adjacent side of the lid. Glue all tabs labeled C to the back of the adjacent side of the lid.
  7. Repeat step 5 with all tabs labeled D and E. Fold the end tab F under the opposite side of the chest and glue it in place.
  8. To fit the lid on top of the chest, fold tab G under and glue the backside of it to the inside of the chest. Fold the lock so it hangs down in front of the chest.
  9. Cut out the gold doubloons. Fold them along the center line and glue the backs together.
  10. For a party game, hide the treasure chest and make a treasure map to help kids find it. Award the winner with whatever goodies you’ve stashed inside.ico_pre_fam_printables_jak_pirate-treasure-chest-photo-260x260-fs-3852 jake-never-land-pirates-treasure-chest-papercraft-printables-0312