So after a while I’ve gone back to designing. I’ve had a few bigger projects done, like Zero Suit Samus from Smash Bros for the Wii U. She is not available for download.
I also started Harley Quinn from Batman: Arkham Knight. She is not yet done, as the model is very complex and will take a while to complete. I included an image that shows the pose she will be in. She will be around 90cm tall and will NOT be for beginners, or even intermediate papercrafters, but will require an advanced level of skill, as there will be a lot of small parts I do not want to remove (like shoelaces, lot of hair layers, eyebrows, frills…). The model editing phase should be done in the next few days, the unfold before next week, and the build is not yet determined, The template will be made in the High Resolution version of Pepakura Designer to preserve the 2048×2048 resolution of most of the textures.

There are also some minor crafts that I’ve made in the previous couple of  months that I’ve not posted here. These include a Minion, 3 Rabbids (Thong and Christmas, Sam Fisher and Mime), Ella (Cinderella 2015), A The Grudge Diorama, a Life-size bust of Hermione Granger, and if you’re interested in more you can find all of them on my DeviantArt gallery.
There is also a secret project that I’m working on that I post an image of here as soon as I finish building it. Hint : It’s not my Fault.
I will occasionally  post updates and progress reports here, and all will go to the new page that I opened on the blog (newest will be at the top),
Happy Crafting!