Here is a little treasure hunt guys. I’ve hidden the pdo template link in one of my Tomb Raider Forum posts. Those who find it get to build it. Good luck!

The link will be taken down on monday

Hint : My favourite Tomb Raider 🙂

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Some people found it, Congratulations, but it’s march 5th, so i am making it available for everyone, then i’m off to play the new TR.

About the model:
Height: 75cm
Width: 22.1
Depth: 39.7

Number of Pages: 17
Number of Parts: N/A (due to model reloading)
Difficulty: 7/10
Download A4 Only
Build order : Face, Head, Hair and Ponytail, neck, Pistols, arms, backpack, body, torn dress, belt, legs and finish by gluing the 3 main pieces together.
Notes: This thing is HUGE, but it is pretty stable. Also print 2 brown pages at the back of the last 2 here. You’ll have to improvise on how to place the ponytail, but that shouldn’t be hard for Tomb Raiders 😉  .